Jesus the Heart Surgeon

You ever look back at yourself and think about how much God has changed you? I do it all the time. Just recently I found myself in several situations that left me in awe of my own response to those situations. In those moments of testing I realized that I handled them totally differently thanContinue reading “Jesus the Heart Surgeon”

Serenity in the Simple Places

When I was a teenager I would hang out at the river as often as I could. The riverfront was one of my favorite places to go to let go of stress, to just relax and sit in silence. I would stare at the water for hours, thinking about life, talking to God or justContinue reading “Serenity in the Simple Places”

Peel It All Off!

Remove it all! Peel off all of the unnecessary external additions that have attached themselves to you over your lifetime. Peel off the nonsense. Peel off the opinions of others. Peel off the lies, the frustration, bitterness, unforgiveness and anger. Now is a perfect time to remove the cultural stipulations, to cut the ties toContinue reading “Peel It All Off!”