A Dream About China

On June 6, 2020 I had a dream.  In this dream my husband and I were located somewhere in China.  It was an odd dream for me considering that neither of us has traveled to China before, nor do we personally know anyone who is from there.  So when the dream took place, I wasn’t sure what it was that God was trying to show me, so I prayed about it and waited.  Now two months later the Lord has led me to release it.  I am obeying the Lord’s request and I believe that someone needs to know what it is that God’s wants to say in this dream.  With that being said let’s chat.

My husband and I are located in an unknown place in China.  We are staying in an Airbnb.  I decide to go out at night to take a walk around.  While I was walking around the streets I suddenly felt an urgency to head back to the Airbnb with my husband.  As I was walking along I came across a man speaking to a group of people.  He was standing, while everyone else was sitting and listening to him.  He stopped me as I was getting ready to pass by and we started talking.  While he was speaking, he held up a water bottle that was half full.  He started repeating to me “Holy Water”, “Holy Water”, “Holy Water”.  When he finished speaking, I continued walking down the street.  As I was coming upon the row of houses in front of me I could see that they were all light blue in color and that every house, side by side with the other, all looked the same from the back side.  As I continued to walk around to the front of the street I saw that they all looked different in the front of each house.  I walked slowly past each house and I could see families inside of the houses through the windows.  I walked up to the house that I thought we were staying in, as I opened the door I realized that it was the wrong house.  But I could see a TV on in the kitchen, there was an old woman with red sweatpants and white tennis shoes on, sitting in a chair in front of the TV.  But I could not see her face or upper torso because she was partially hidden behind a wall.  The only part of her body that was showing from behind the wall was her red pants and white shoes.  Still I knew that she was an old woman in the dream.

I felt an uneasy presence and immediately closed the door to the house.  As I turned around to go back the way that I had come, I suddenly understood that I was on the wrong street.  The Airbnb that I was staying in was on the street that was parallel to where I currently was.  So I continued on over to the next street and found the house that I was staying in.  But as I walked up to the house I saw that my husband was not there.  I started to feel an overwhelming sense of nervousness, dread and fear as I pondered where he had gone.  I suddenly became more aware of the fact that it was night time and dark outside.  I was afraid that I would be left outside in the dark all alone.  I was terrified that he would not return for me.  The next thing I knew my husband came home and pulled into the driveway.  He got out of the car and we walked into the house together.

What I believe the Lord wants to tell His people in China in this season is this.  Many of His children in China have been in a place of transition.  You have been waiting for God to return for you to redeem you.  Many of you have been walking around in the dark, searching for Him.  But He is sending His messengers to lead you, to speak to you and to help you.  These messengers are carrying the “Holy Water” of God.  They are releasing His Holy Word and God is getting ready to release His Spirit upon His people in China.  There is a great Holy outpouring of the Holy Spirit on His people!  On those who are thirsty for his Word!  He knows that from behind it all looks the same but He says to keep coming!  Keep walking!  Keep moving forward!  DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE DARK!  Yes, there are some  people and places that are making your lives uneasy, yes there are some things that are HIDDEN!  But God says to keep going, you are almost where you need to be! This place that you are in is just temporary, it is a place of transition.  If you stand and continue to patiently wait on Him, He is coming for you!  He is returning to you and He has a place prepared for you.  He will meet you where you are and take you inside with Him to His place of protection from the dark.

Until our next chat, God bless you!

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I'm a wife of the most amazing man that I know. I'm also a stay at home mom of 3 of the best kids in the world! I started this website with the intention of relating to others in various ways and to be an inspiration to others. I love writing, reading, acting, singing, cooking, painting, creating products and more. I'm a nature lover, animal lover and a fun lover! I've always been a talker, fortunately, now I have found an amazing outlet in this site for all of my thoughts, lol. This site is designed to assist you in your growth spiritually, mentally, emotionally and in any other way that I can be of help to you. My mission is to use my gifts, talents, experiences and education to help you both discover and use what God has placed inside of you to fulfill the purpose that He has for your life. We will chat about various aspects of life from an open minded and fun perspective. We will be discussing topics about human temperaments and personality, biblical principles that we can apply to our lives, to the different challenges that we may face. Nothing is off limits! Join me as we grow in our quest to live a more abundant and fulfilled life and to have some fun while we do it!

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