Now is a good time to start praying for God to have mercy for past offenses and wrongs that you have done to others and that others have done to you!  We are in a reaping/harvest season!  Everything that was previously given out is now coming back full force several times over! Gossip, slander, mockery, lies, backbiting, abuse, harm in any way, it’s coming back up to those who have given it out! You didn’t have to be with the one who you offended and they didn’t have to be with you because God heard you both! He looked straight into our hearts and knows what is there.  If you’ve been a blessing, loving, kind, helpful, encouraging, he’s giving that back too!  Hope folks took heed of the warnings and righted their past wrongs with those they have offended.  If not you will soon regret that you didn’t! There is still time to ask for forgiveness and to forgive! ❤️

I got ready to post a video today about accepting your wrongs and fixing them with others.  Before I finished editing it and was able to post it, I suddenly found myself thrusted into the exact situation I was discussing in the video!  Guess what I was the initiator in the conflict without intending to be.  Let’s just say, I made an unnecessary passive aggressive comment to my spouse, which offended him.  I quickly found myself angry.  Immediately I realized that in that moment I had to practice what I was preaching!  Took some time to reflect and then I fixed it.  What’s my point?  We can encourage others to be better all day but the real truth of who you are comes in when you yourself have to be what you suggest to others!  #HUMILITYCOMESFORMETOO

Published by Chats with She' Sims

I'm a wife of the most amazing man that I know. I'm also a stay at home mom of 3 of the best kids in the world! I started this website with the intention of relating to others in various ways and to be an inspiration to others. I love writing, reading, acting, singing, cooking, painting, creating products and more. I'm a nature lover, animal lover and a fun lover! I've always been a talker, fortunately, now I have found an amazing outlet in this site for all of my thoughts, lol. This site is designed to assist you in your growth spiritually, mentally, emotionally and in any other way that I can be of help to you. My mission is to use my gifts, talents, experiences and education to help you both discover and use what God has placed inside of you to fulfill the purpose that He has for your life. We will chat about various aspects of life. Join me as we grow in our quest to live a more abundant and fulfilled life.

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